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A wild one in the Bronx by red
June 9, 2007, 3:40 am
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Thaaaaa Yankees Win!Hi, you can call me Red, and I’m a teen living in a midwestern town. There’s pretty much nothing going on, that probably having to do with the fact there’s no real baseball energy in the city at all. So, I have to channel my baseball mind somewhere – and it just happens that I’m a huge Yankee fan. And it just so happens that today’s game at the stadium was a dandy.

The Yanks in the last few days (the last 4 to be exact) have definitely shown some fire that has been missing really the entire year, with the exception of those coupla A-Rod walkoffs. Today vs the Bucs, they were down 2-0, then 4-2, and came back both times to win it in the 10th. The winner was a little baltimore chop off Derek Jeter’s bat that stayed up just long enough for Robinson Cano to cross the plate and give the Yanks a 5-4 victory. Something that had been a center of the Yankee dynasty’s offense of the 90s was the ability to come back to win games, and, apart from those two walk-offs, the Yanks have shown little ability to do that. Well, today they did, and they end up with a win, a 4 game winning streak, 5 1/2 back in the wildcard, and some life left in the season…


In a slightly unrelated random thought: speaking of those two A-Rod walkoffs, who would have guessed that A-Rod would be the 9th inning monster he has become. In the 9th inning, he’s 9 for 18 (.500) with 6 – count ’em- homers. Last year he batted .143 and had 3 homers, and in almost twice as many at bats. His “clutch” stats have pretty much reversed from last year – he batted .351 with a margin of 4+ runs, and .279 late & close. This year he’s batting .292 late and close and only .214 with a margin of 4 or more runs. This year you are getting something rare: a true, actual clutch hitter in the form of Alex Rodriguez. Tell that to a Yankee fan a year ago, and he’d have looked at you like you were crazy. Of course, the fact that nobody could have predicted this suggests that we won’t see such “clutch” stats next year, or even the remainder of the year. So enjoy this rare sight while you can, because it’s just that: rare.


The New York Times reports that Doug Mientkiewicz is on the mend. Well, you’re not going to see him in a few days, more like until late July. Doug had become a valuable player, with both his outstanding defense, and even some good pop, despite hitting only .226 – though he did hit .284 after a horrid 4-46 slump. However, Miggy Cairo was flashing the leather at first yesterday with a few nice plays. Cairo’s an all-around solid utility guy, for the most part, and he’ll do while Doug’s out. However, excpect the Yanks to pick up a good bat at first if Giambi really is out for the rest season, possibly someone like Mark Teixeira of the Rangers. The Rangers wanted some high-ranking pitching prospects, but by the trading deadline, the price should go down.



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