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How to run a post draft by 27yankees
June 9, 2007, 7:43 pm
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After I’ve promised to review the Yankees draft, I decided on my method for how I’m going to do it. Because of finals, I would have to wait till next Friday if I was to review all the players at once. So, instead, I decided that I will review each pick separately. Here is the format I will be using:

Name: Self explanatory
Position: Self explanatory
Date of Birth:
Drafted out of:
Stats: For both college and high school players, the stats are hard to find. High school stats are hard to find and are generally against very weak competition, plus the small sample size. College stats are less hard to find, but certainly not easy to find, especially recent stats, and depending on what college a player went to, may not be indicative of the true talent of the player because they may have been against weak college competition.
Scouting Report: This is the toughest bit to find – if I can find scouting video or find out what a scout says, I can post it, but otherwise I will only post what I can read about.
Signability: This is also harder to find – this is where I talk about what sort of commitments a player has, say to college, what grade they were drafted out of (which has an effect on their likelihood to sign), whether they said that they intended to go to college or not, how much money they would want to be signed, whether they grew up as Yankees fans or not; all of these things have direct influence on whether the Yankees can sign them.
Other Info: Any sorts of other information I feel worth mentioning
My Take: My favorite part, where I talk about the Yankees methodology in drafting the player, how it compares to other picks, and most of all, whether I think the pick was a success or not.

Now, obviously it takes a long time before you can truly look back at a draft and decide whether it was successful or not – I only recently looked at the 1997 draft, and even with some of the players from that draft, ten years ago, the jury is still out on. However, the draft is a key part of how farm systems are developed, so I think it is important that we also look at what we know right now.



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