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Yankees draftee Pat Venditte… …and other notes! by 27yankees
June 9, 2007, 3:44 am
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… is a switch pitcher – he can pitch as a lefty and as a righty. That warrants its own post.

The official rule on ambidextrous pitchers is that before every at-bat, they have to decide which side to throw from. This is to prevent the inevitable switch pitcher vs. switch hitter from becoming a stupidly funny confrontation.

Just because that’s so cool, I’ll just post the info on him right now.

45th round out of Creighton, the only ambidextrous pitcher in Division I baseball, was a Junior.

In his first year as a freshman, he went 0-0, 14.73 ERA, 3.2 IP. So pretty much a meaningless sample size.

Sophomore year, 4-3 w/ 3.02 ERA, 62.2 IP, 2 saves, 61 hits, 5 HR, 18 BB, 54 SO, 1.26 WHIP.

The following passages are quoted from Wikipedia, take it with a grain of salt. I only quote Wikipedia because the lack of regularly updated college stats is disgraceful.

In his junior year, Vendette appeared in 36 of 58 of Creighton’s games before going into the 2007 NCAA Division I Baseball Tournament. His opponents batting average of .185 was the fourth best in the nation, and he achieved an 1.85 ERA (Pivovar 2007a). In the 2007 season, Venditte earned first-team all-conference honors for the Missouri Valley Conference and led Creighton to their first ever conference championship in which he was named the tournament MVP (Creighton University Athletics 2007). On May 28, 2007, Collegiate Baseball named Venditte the national player of the week (Pivovar 2007a). He was named to the All-American third team for the 2007 season (Pivovar 2007b). Venditte was also voted Midwest Region Pitcher of the Year by online pitching magazine

The following is also from Wikipedia and is likely even less meaningful. I quote this because I’ve never seen the guy pitch.

When using his right arm, Venditte delivers over the top and can throw a curveball as well as a fastball reaching up to 91 mph. His left-handed delivery is side-armed in which he throws a slider and a relatively slower fastball. Venditte uses a custom made glove with a thumb-hole on each side allowing him to easily switch back and forth (Schwarz 2007). He generally pitches with his right arm against right-handed batters and left-handed against left-handed batters which minimizes his opponent’s advantage when strategically ordering batters in the line-up based on which side of the plate they hit from (Nicholl 2007). Furthermore, by splitting his pitches between his arms, he is able to pitch longer than traditional pitchers before becoming fatigued

From what I understand, his stuff is no great shakes and he probably doesn’t have what it takes to be a successful major league pitcher. It’s worth a look at just to see if he has any potential, but in the meantime, you have to admit that it is kind of funny.

Full draft review will be coming next week, again. I promise. I might have to do separate posts for each draftee, but it will be there.

Yankees minor league pitching coordinator Nardi Contreras… is a genius! Whatever he does is making Kei Igawa pitch much much better for AAA Scranton… Last two starts:

14 IP, 11 H, 3 ER, 4 BB, 17 K, 1.93 ERA

Whatever Nardi is doing to our pitchers, he’s doing it right. He pretty much turned Dellin Betances from an unpolished high school arm with good potential into a pretty polished arm that was already a top-100 prospect. In less than a year. He made Phil Hughes the monster he is. And in only his latest success, he’s fixed Kei Igawa.



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