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MLB Roundup: 6/9/07 by red
June 10, 2007, 7:52 pm
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IP  H   R  ER   BB  SO
6   5   3   3    2   7

There it is, the line for the Rocket. Not overly impressive, and by no means worth 28 mill, but enough for a win.

What’s annoying though, is how non-Yankee fans talk about how Yankee fans think Clemens is the messiah or something. By no stretch of the imagination is he, A) the best pitcher on the staff (that goes to Andy Pettitte), B) going to have an ERA south of 2, C) going to single-handedly save the team even if he does pitch with an ERA south of 2, and D) is the Messiah. Seriously, he’s not.

However, what was perhaps the most reassuring point in Clemens’ start was the last two innings. It’s almost like he had to get warmed up the first four, until the last two innings where he started locating his fastball and pitched some of his best splitters of the day. Result: he retires the last 7 batters, and gets the win in a 9-3 Yankee win vs the Pirates.


Ryan Howard, though he’s heating up, is still hitting only .238. Except that he has a .395 OBP, and a .510 SLG. Meanwhile, Jon Lieber pitched terrific for the Phils, 11 Ks, no walks, and only 3 hits in a 4-0 Philly win vs KC. Pat Gillick actually made a good move by holding on to Leiber and not dealing him away. Meanwhile, Gil Meche is 3-6 despite his 3.15 ERA. Welcome to Kansas City.


Danny Haren, despite popular belief, is mortal. Just look at his ERA: 1.58. That’s more than 1 run a game. 1 run a game is more than mortal, you can lose giving up 1 run. He just got lucky yesterday, not giving up a run in 7 innings, striking out 6, walking none, and getting the win. A’s win 6-0 over the Giants while Zito gets the lost. Zito’s salary: $10,000,000. Haren: $2,250,000. You know about Billy Beane, Moneyball, the A’s philosophy, their scouting… yet it never works nearly as much as it does for the A’s, particularly with their pitching prospects.


Why does Francona repeatedly insist on batting Julio Lugo leadoff? He’s batting around .210 with an OBP not much higher. They would be better off if they batted Youkilis leadoff. Actually, that’s not even just a joke – Youkilis, despite his speed, not only hits well but is the greek god of walks. He’s played 97 games batting leadoff in his career – 95 of those last year – more than any other slot. However, he has yet to bat there this year. Not that I mind, that is…


4th multi-homer game for A-Rod this season, 45 of his career. Happiness.



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Chien-Ming Wang is as good as Pettitte, and younger. Pettitte is having a good season, but he’s over performing.

I totally called Haren’s breakout this season, I knew it ever since I saw him when he was extremely nasty down the stretch last season.

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