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Eric Milton is out for the season… (Notes for June 11) by 27yankees
June 11, 2007, 4:43 pm
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…which means that Homer Bailey might have a permanent spot in the Reds rotation. Good thing, because he has the most overall talent of any player in that organization save for Griffey.

An interesting stat now that Mariano Rivera (the guy on the right, he’s a pretty decent pitcher) got his 900th career inning:Mariano Rivera


1 Mariano Rivera 2.35
2 Hoyt Wilhelm 2.52
3 Trevor Hoffman 2.71
4 Whitey Ford 2.74
5 Bob Locker 2.76
6 Sandy Koufax 2.76
7 Dan Quisenberry 2.76
8 Ron Perranoski 2.79
9 Pedro Martinez 2.81
10 Bruce Sutter 2.83

What that means? Of pitchers 1920-now with 900+ innings, Mariano Rivera has the lowest career ERA.

Joba Chamberlain was finally promoted to Yankees Double-A Trenton. Only about three starts later than he should have been promoted. He was extremely dominant at high-A, and Ian Kennedy recently began dominating AA, which helped the move. It also means that an AA pitcher will be converted to the ‘pen (Brett Smith or Jason Jones) or promoted to AAA (Alan Horne).

The Yankees are (shhhhhh) surging, which is thanks to several things. For example, Bobby Abreu’s regression to the mean; perhaps because of several reasons. One of these reasons is not that they lost Jason Giambi. See Fire Joe Morgan for details.

There are only 5 scheduled games today… Mondays, ah how I hate them. I especially like how this off-day is in the middle of a Yankee hot streak, perfect time to throw the hitters off their rhythms.

Francisco Cordero blew his first two saves of the season over the weekend… Which ruined my fantasy teams week. He still has MLB-leading 22 saves and a 2.05 ERA, but coming into the weekend he had a ridiculous ERA, something like 0.79. No coincidence, of course, that the blown saves were against his former team the Rangers, who dropped him last year. I think that he could put together a terrific season, but perhaps the magic dust is wearing away and he’s regressing to the mean. He’s a great pitcher, but nowhere near the performance he was doing.
Edit: Courtesy The Hardball Times, who got it courtesy Buster Olney’s ESPN blog:

     In Texas   Other
App      25       80
ERA    7.92     1.76
Saves     2       42
BS        9        4

Whoa. For future reference, Francisco Cordero: don’t mess with Texas (Sorry, I had to).
Now, back to finals, fun fun fun. Only three more days, though, but it’s really dragging and going slow for me.



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