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Final Season Award Predictions by red
June 11, 2007, 3:22 pm
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The Prince hitting one outIt’s a bit over the third way mark in baseball now. TwentySeven just made his take on who would win if the season ended today – I’m going to give my take on who will end up winning the awards when it’s all over.

AL MVP: Alex Rodriguez. Even if the Yanks finish a couple of games off the wildcard, if Magglio hits .330 with 40 homers and 120 RBIs… A-Rod will still win with somewhere around .300/60/140. Expect it to be close, like last year-close, but A-Rod should still edge out.

NL MVP: Carlos Beltran. With Pujols and Howard having “off-years” and with both teams not in contention either, Beltran is the only one left – though he’s not exactly the best hitter in the NL either. You could make a case that Reyes is the true MVP, especially if he keeps walking at the rate he is, though his power is way down from last year. There’s also a chance that Prince Fielder (pictured) is this year’s Ryan Howard, snagging the MVP from Beltran or Pujols with around 50 homers.

AL Cy Young: Johan Santana. I’m sure Haren will have a great season, but his brilliance will stall somewhere, and Santana always has a lights-out second half. However, if Santana has around 16 wins with a 2.50 ERA, but Haren ends up with, say, 20 wins and an ERA around 3.00… expect Haren to come out on top. Sadly, that’s just the way the voting is.

NL Cy Young: Jake Peavy. The Cy Young voter’s dream -microscopic ERA, strikeouts in double figures every night, even plays for a decent enough team to score for him every night. Penny will probably slack of in the second half like he did last year, so he’ll probably slowly drop out of contention. Cole Hamels will also have a good year, but not quite as good as Peavy’s.

AL RoY: Dustin Pedroia. Whatever. Pedrioa’s probably going to hit around .300, with 15 homers and 60 RBIs. He’ll probably go on a lot of hot hitting streaks, then cool down a bit – that will grab enough atttention, combined with playing in Boston, to steal it from Travis Buck, who will probably deserve it.

NL RoY: Hunter Pence. He’s going to eventually cool down from his .366 batting average, but not necessarily by much. Expect a line much like Pedroia’s – around .300, 15 homers, but more like 80 RBIs. He’s going to be a big time player.

AL Rolaids Relief: Francisco Rodriguez. Frankly, Franky’s just the best guy out there. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) He plays for a good team, racks up Ks, and keeps his ERA below 2 like a good boy. But then… Papelbon plays for Boston. Anything’s possible, just believe!

NL Rolaids Relief: Francisco Cordero. Frankly, Franky’s just the best guy out there. He plays for a good team, racks up Ks, and keeps his ERA below 2 like a good boy. Sound familiar?



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