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Yanks series vs D’Rays by red
July 25, 2007, 1:28 pm
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Sorry for the incredibly long time between posts, but I have an excuse: I was travelling in Europe and it was really hard to get to a computer with internet access for more than 15 minutes. Of course, that also means I’m kind of out of it baseball-wise: How did Chris Young’s ERA get so low? The Cubs are playing above .500? Who the hell is Ryan Braun?!

Well, I’m now about back in total baseball maniac mode. (Not “junkie” or “statistics junkie” as we have been called before – baseball is not a drug. Though it is also a nervous break down divided into nine innings, as Early Wilson once famously said, I prefer to see it as a temporary alternate form of living. Think of it as keeping kosher: one meal you eat dairy, respresenting, say, real life, and then another you have the meat, respresenting baseball, taking out the dairy and/or real life aspect of it. Also, note: no cheeseburgers.) Anyway, along with that comes my watching every Yankee game I can. Obviously. The Yanks played a four game series with the Devil Rays, both teams scoring a total of 75 runs, 49 of those by the Yanks. That’s 12.25 runs a game for the Yankees in the series, not shabby at all.

The first game though, oddly enough, was a downer: a 14-4 loss with Mussina on the hill. All aronud ugh-ness. I actually, also oddly enough, happened to miss this game, a fact which I am not so sorry of. It was, as I believe the NY Times put it, a “messy boxscore”. If you like a neat boxscore, you defenitely wouldn’t be ready for some of the games to come. You almost feel sorry for Tampa Bay. After a “low-scoring” 7-3 win for the Yanks, they scored 38 runs in the next two games, first 17 then 21. What’s more amazing is that basically no one was left out of the party, and it’s hard not to when you score that many runs. In the two games, there was not a single starter who didn’t collect a hit or seven. (Robinson Cano was 7 for 11 in the series. It seems like just a little while ago when he was hitting .260.) Earlier in the season, they would have scored only 10 runs and given up 12. Now, there’s smashing the pitchers they’re supposed to smash and some they even not usually that smash-able. All-around great series for the Yankees. I know if I say it’s a great “momentun booster” or whatever, I’ll realize that I’ve probably said that about ten times this season with mixed results. But I’ll still say it anyway: It’s a great momentum booster.


In other news: After the tragic death of minor league third base coach Mike Coolbaugh, you’ve got to ask an important question: what’s wrong with third base coaches wearing batting helmets?They don’t have to run around alot so that they fall off all the time, I doubt most of them are that fashion concious, and most importantly: They’re just as prone, if not more prone, to a ball dangerously hitting them. I’m surprised more people haven’t brought this up.