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Yankee roster moves and the Joba era by red
August 8, 2007, 3:03 pm
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Wouldn’t you too do this?

Send down a 25 year-old right hander with a 3.40 ERA while keeping a 31 year-old righty with a 4.87 ERA on the staff.

DFA a 38 year-old southpaw with a 2.66 ERA to sign a 34 year-old righty who hasn’t pitched in the majors all season and when did last year had a 12.15 ERA

One move that made sense:

Release a utility infielder from a crowded corner infield and promote a promising young fireballing (possible) reliever.

Kyle Farnsworth, that guy with the ERA just below 5, is still on the damn team. I don’t understand it, and it bugs me to no end. It’s not like Brian Bruney, the one with the 3.40 ERA, is overworked: he has about 2 innings less than Farnsworth. He’s not been subtely ineffective either: his gamelog shows when he’s been in the game and getting at least one out, he’s given up no runs 23 times, one run six times, two runs twice, and three runs twice. Kyle Farnsworth: no runs 17 times, one run ten times, two runs four times, and four runs once.

Meanwhile, the Yankees DFA’d Mike Myers, the lefty, who albeit had a .312 batting average against lefties, the reason he’s in there, but who had a 2.66 ERA. Meanwile, this means the only lefty in the bullpen is Ron Villone who’s actually been better vs righties than lefites this year. The one to replace him is Jim Brower, who’s really a roll of the dice. He could either be surprisingly effective, like he’s been in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, or just like an unreliable journeyman call-up. No way to tell.

The Yankee infield is already over-crowded, with Andy Phillips, Jason Giambi, Doug, Wilson Betemit, and Shelley Duncan able to play first, and Wilson Betemit, Chris Basak, and possibly Andy Phillips able to play third. (Andy used to play all around the infield except maybe short when he was in the minors, so I don’t think it would be out of the question for him to play there in an emergency.) Keeping Miguel Cairo in the mix would just make things more meddled. So, release him and call up the next great Yankee pitcher of the 21st century: Joba Chamberlain.Joba Chamberlain

Joba, (and yes, that’s his real name), a 21 year-old 6’2″ righty born in Nebraska, has been rocketing up through the Yankee farm system. In only one season in the minors, he’s compiled a 9-2 record, a 2.45 ERA, and 135 strikeouts in 88 innings, while only walking 27. Not shabby.

Reports say he has an excellent fastball, around 92-95 when healthy though he’s shown glimpses of around 98, an excellent slider, and a good change with a decent uncle charlie on the side. He’s got impressive control of his pitches, as evidence of the 27 walks, and supposedly has a good mental “makeup”. Meaning he’s probably not an idiot, which is always good, and also that he knows in what pattern and where to pitch his pitches, which is also always good. Just if you didn’t know.

Here’s a video of him striking out the side for S/W-B:

Last night he made his debut, and pitched two innings, struck out two including the first batter he faced, walked two and gave up one hit, resulting in two scoreless innings. That was in a 9-2 Yankee victory last night. It’s a beginning, hopefully of a long and prosperous career, one that should include titles, championships, awards, and lots of cool nicknames.

In other news: Oh yeah, some guy named Barry Bonds hit some homerun, forever tarnishing baseball’s integrity. I don’t need to elaborate, there are plenty of other places to get more coverage of that. How about we know start actually focusing on baseball other than 756?



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