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Ahem… Yeah. OK… Some draft signing deadline news… Yay! by 27yankees
August 16, 2007, 1:55 am
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Well… Err.. I’ve been busy, you see, with work… and vacation… somewhat contradictory, but true. But now I’m back, though I’ll have to be a bit less active than I used to be.

As you’ve guessed, my draft review is probably done at this point.

I do, however, have some important draft news – the draft signing deadline is in just over 2 and a half hours. We’ve already seen the impact of the new (as of this year) deadline… Several major deals around baseball include Rick Porcello, the high school phenom being compared to Josh Beckett, and David Price, the all around consensus first pick coming into and after the draft.

The Yankees had several key players that they got signed at the deadline.

Earlier in the year, they got players such as Ryan Pope, Damon Sublett, and Manny Barreda, signed. In addition, they got Justin Snyder, who wasn’t expected to be any good but has been exceeding expectations so far. All of this news is good. Pope has been performing as you would expect thus far… Sublett, a two-way player (pitcher and hitter) has been performing well in his role as a second baseman. Barreda is a 5’11” righty arm who can throw serious gas – 96+ MPH. Snyder is a utility type player and he’s looked really good for a guy who was expected to be a minor league filler.

Today we’ve heard about several deals, though most have been rumors that have been around for a while, and the word is that they were only held up by the commissioners office because they were overslot deals.

Today we got Andrew Brackman, our first round pick. The deal that was signed is really in his favor though, because it’s a major league contract – Brackman has to be on our 40-man roster. Unfortunately, that’s bad. Brackman has been seeing Dr. James Andrews this week and could get TJ’ed by the end of the week. In addition, his mechanics are a serious mess. Even though he’s a college pitcher, the team really needs to treat him as the type of project that you would typically see from a high schooler.

We also got Brad Suttle, a Texas third baseman. He doesn’t show a particularly patient batters eye, doesn’t run well, doesn’t project to be a power bat, and isn’t a great fielder. So why do the Yankees think that he could be their future third bagger? Because Baseball America rated him as the best pure hitter in this years draft. Better than Mike Moustakas, the second overall pick. Better than Josh Vitters, the third overall pick. Better than Matt Wieters, the 5th pick. Better than anyone else who was draft eligible. He will hit well for average, and that will push all his other stats up enough that the Yankees think he could be a darn good player.

Other picks we got signed include second pick Austin Romine, Tayler Grote, and Carmen Angelini. All good news…

Oh, by the way? Ryan Braun is a beeeaaaast. Could be one of the greatest Jewish ballplayers up there. One day, he could be up there with Sandy Koufax, Hank Greenberg, and longtime Red Sox great Gabe Kapler… Oh… wait…



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Braun is indeed a beast. But he still needs to learn how to play some defense.

Comment by The Fallen Phoenix

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