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The AL Title might be lost, but for now we’ve got the wild card by red
September 6, 2007, 3:31 pm
Filed under: Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees

John McLarenYesterday: All around baseball goodness. Phillip Hughes turns in a strong start while the Yankees break out with an eight run seventh inning featuring two A-Rod homers. Result: 10-2 Yankees, as we take two out of three from the Mariners and cushion the wild card lead to three games. Intersting note: the Mariners used seven – count ’em, 7 – pitchers in that game, six of them in the seventh. Granted, Rick White was thrown out of the game, so really only 6 voluntarily, but still – one thing I’ve noticed is John McLaren (The M’s new manager, pictured) seems to have a short patience for relief pitchers. Throughout this series McLaren has substituted pitchers very frequently. Last night he used six pitchers too, and even the night before that when they held the Yanks to only one run, they still used four pitchers.

Ultimately, the downfall of the Mariners will be their lack of plate discipline, they’re last in the AL in walks. This leads to A) obviously, not getting on base often which means basically taking cheap runs away from yourself and having less chances to score, and B) streaks. The Mariners are an extremely streaky team, as Michael Kay mentioned about fifty times the last three days. Consistency is extremely important in winning lots of games. You can win a decent amount, but not as much as you could if you were more consistent. It’s good to be streaky if you’re in a bad division and can get hot in time for the playoffs. Case in point: The Cards last year. Perfect example. But St. Louis wouldn’t have been close to making the playoffs if they were contending the AL Wild Card like Seattle is. Result: missing out on the playoffs, and I’d be surprised if Seattle has enough hutzpa and plate discipline to do exactly that.

Player of the hour: Nyjer Morgan. Who? Just another light hitting speedy outfielder in the Bucco’s system. Except that he is a very good hitter, has surprisingly good plate discipline, he’s very fast (26 steals in 44 games at AAA), and he has killer, and I mean just flat out amazing Jose Cruz Jr.-esque stirrups. That alone puts him near the top of my list. Supposedly the reason he’s already 27 is because he’s been more of an after thought, being drafted in the 33rd round, and he spent some time playing hockey. Said Morgan, “It’s who I am. I always come in with a smile on my face and bring my positive energy to other people.”



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