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Some World News Updates by red
September 14, 2007, 11:24 pm
Filed under: Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees

Let’s see… some world news: lots of people talked, sometimes in a small room, sometimes in a very big one, sometimes on the phone, sometimes on the internet, about money and war and things. Lots of people died. Lots of people were born. Lots of things blew up, blew up real good. Lots of things stayed the same. Lots of things didn’t. People came, people went, people ate, people slept, the universe expanded…

Oh, and Red Sox Nation collectively pissed their pants Friday night.

-Red and TwentySeven


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There was no pants just a lot of angry Red Sox fans sitting in the bleachers ready to kill a very annoying teenage Yankee fan that wouldn’t shut up.

If you heard someone screaming HGH. That was me every time Damon, Abreu and Giambi got up to bat.

Comment by firedannyainge

Why Damon and Abreu? That doesn’t even make any sense considering that both of them have had huge DROPS in their power output.

Also, there was definitely mass pissage. Sorry…


Comment by 27yankees

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