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Shelley Duncan being mean! by red
September 17, 2007, 5:25 pm
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Aaaw, ain’t is just sad? Can’t you just see a tear coming out of his eyes? [Source]

First of all, let’s start with the title of the Herald article: “Yankee’s prank strikes out.” There’s a masterpiece in an incredibly cheesy failed metaphor right there.

Second, the fact that his mom thinks that the word “suck” isn’t appropriate for a ten year old, suggests she hasn’t been in an elementary school playground for forty years. It was a dumb joke, going to the press like that is a paragon in overreacting.

Speaking of the press, this kid has probably gotten stuff said about him on the internet a hundred times worse than just “Red Sox Suck”. If you’re so afraid about sheltering you’re kid from something like that, you’ve just made it worse. Sometimes I marvel at how much adults underestimate kids’ maturity and overestimate adults’. But that’s something completely different…

Third, for a laugh, take a look at some of the comments on the site:

How do we teach our kids about appropriate behavior in sports and about rivalries with these actions by our children’s role models? Shame on him and the Yankee’s organization.

OK, I really doubt Shelley Duncan was his role model. I’m sure his opinion of him goes along the lines of “Duncan sucks” even before Duncan’s autograph. But the last one is what leaves me bewildered: how in the world does Duncan signify all of the Yankees orginization? Do you think the autograph had to be approved by Steinbrenner himself or something? If this same thing happened with a red sox player, I seriously doubt this person would be making that last comment.

Actually that’s among the tamest things you’ll hear at a Sox-Yanks game – the rest is unprintable here. We should all clean up our act for the sake of our kids and everyone else’s.

And saying that as one of 250 comments on internet article is really going to make a difference. No offense, but, uh… what are you going to do about it?

Shelly who? You can’t expect much from a man with a woman’s name!!

Yaaaay! You’ve reassured him with a sexist slur! Everything’s A-OK now!

Duncan is a two month wonder. Once word gets around the league on how to pitch to him his homerun days are over. However, perhaps in the meantime, Curt should provide with a little chin music after he tried to injure Dustin on his extra hard slide in the last series.

Pow little Dustin… Aww, ain’t it sad? Did girly-named Shelley take a hard little swide? Don’t worry, big bad Curt’s going to make things all right. Shame on you Yankees orginization! By the way, wondering what Duncan’s batting ability has to do with this. Anybody know?

This is not just a rookie mistake!! He got his example from a seasoned veteran, maybe a ball slapper, or “I got it” kind of player!!

Hello, A-Rod? I think the world revolves around you.

I found it necessary to post again here because I’m appalled by a few people on this board who condone what this guy did. You people are brainless mental midgets.


Sorry — that was classless.


Clean it up Shelly. Grow up.


Oh, wait.

[Duncan] should feel the wrath of Torre, Cashman and Steinbrenner when he returns to that intellectual atmosphere of the Bronx.

Wrath? You expect wrath from someone who drinks Bigelow ice tea?

Here’s an absolute goldmine from another article:

This guy is 27 years old and he signs that for 10 year old? He feels like he is in middle school? He should insult the middleschoolers.

Wait, what? This part is just a mindboggler. Isn’t the whole purpose of this not to insult “little” kids? In a year, the kid’s probably going to be a middle schooler, big whoop. Then you can insult him? This whole collection of sentences just doesn’t make sense. But the best is yet to come.

His actions are those of an inmature mindless twit.


You would never see Derek Jeter doing that, he has a functioning brain.

Hey, better to have a non functioning one than none at all. Just stating a fact…

He was surprised the parents were upset? What planet is this guy from?

I knew this would have to come out eventually…


Some of us out here still do not like our 10 year olds using the word “suck” in any case.

The point isn’t that “suck” is a bad word, I wouldn’t want by kids using it either. But it’s the fact that the parents felt they had to shelter their kid from this evil word that seems pathetic.

It’s not even my kid, and i still would like to see this joker suspended. If anyone knows who to contact in MLB about this please post it.

Oooh! Oooh! I’ve got Buddy’s cell, I’ll ring him up right away, I’m sure he’ll listen to you. Honest.

OK, Mr. and Mrs. Whitman, you got your fame, revenge, publicity, eBay item, whatever. Now can we go back to playing baseball?



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Only a Yankee fan would defend this. Any way you slice it you should be smart enough not to write this to a ten year old. An adult fine but you do realize some parents actually don’t like the word suck and don’t want it used.
Only a Yankee fan would defend this and only a Yankee player would be stupid enough to think this is funny and not man up and apologize.
As much as I hate George Steinbrenner this is something he wouldn’t approve of.

Comment by firedannyainge

Did I say Shelley Duncan SHOULD have said this? I’m not defending him in the sense that I agree with him doing this, I wouldn’t have done it, I’m saying it’s outrageous at how much publicity a dumb joke like this gets, we should be focusing on actual BASEBALL.

Another thing: I’m not trying to blame anything on the kid, he’s innocent, but it’s crazy how much attention this all gets and what people are saying about it.

Comment by red

At worst, it may have been bad judgment by Shelley… in that he might not have known that Red Sox fans have no sense of humor. He was signing autographs for Boston fans, kidding and joking with them about the rivalry. Barbs were flying around in good fun. When I read what he wrote my first thought was how refreshing it was to have a MLB player poke a little fun at the Yanks-Red Sox dynamic. It’s crazy to me that it has been taken this far. People obviously have too much time on their hands. Not to mention, he ended up giving this kid what will undoubtedly become a valuable autograph.

Comment by lisa

Doesn’t anyone remember when the patriots were getting the trophy for winning the super bowl and their spokesman said on tv…..before acknowledging the trophy for football……”yankees suck”…..I am not a yankee fan but i think the parents are making a nerd of their son, assuming that the word “suck” is one he doesn’t hear and use.

Comment by rosalie whitehill

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

Comment by Idetrorce

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