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Top 3 Reasons Why It Doesn’t Matter If The Yankees Win The Division by 27yankees
September 22, 2007, 2:56 pm
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This list is a short one because I’m too lazy to actually think of five and there are only three really. This is just a reminder that we don’t need the division title to accomplish our goal.

3. If they don’t win the division, they get a higher position in the draft than the Red Sox, which is always useful.
2. The past few World Series winners have all been from the Wild Card anyways!
1. The team with the best momentum going into the playoffs wins the World Series, not the best team. The playoffs are a crapshoot and any team that reaches the playoffs can win (i.e. the Cardinals).


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1- No the team with the momentum does not always win the world series. Last year the Cards and Tiger limped into the post season.
2- Whatever helps you sleep at

Comment by firedannyainge

Well they got enough momentum in the playoffs to go to the World Series therefore proving you wrong..
Besides, I have friends from Red Sox nation and they aren’t sleeping at all. You guys are scared and you know it.

Comment by 27yankees

Not really. Scared is a stupid word to use. We are annoyed because Francona is giving games away.
Your logic is flawed. The Cards backed into the world series. Look it
Either that or look up the word momentum.

Comment by firedannyainge

I’m pretty sure what he meant by momentum, is that often it doesn’t matter what the record is of the team that gets into the playoff – as long as their team’s all-around just happen to come together in the playoffs, they’ve got a good shot.

Comment by red

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