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Mattingly to interview for managerial job

NEW YORK — Don Mattingly will travel to New York next week to interview for the Yankees’ managerial vacancy, his agent has confirmed.

Ray Schulte said that general manager Brian Cashman reached out to Mattingly on Friday to express the club’s interest in him for the position, which officially became vacant when Joe Torre turned down a one-year contract on Thursday.

I think that Mattingly has the edge for the job, just because he’s already in the organization, he’s trusted, he was the greatest Yankee 1B since Gehrig, he was given the bench coach job for a reason, Girardi hasn’t been directly involved in the orginization the last year, Tony La Russa is an idiot, Bobby Valentine probably isn’t coming back to the states and the Yankees don’t seem to be that interested in him anyway… I could probably go on, but most things just point to Mattingly and seem to say he has the edge.

When pondering whether Mattingly is best for the job, you’ve got to ask if experience specifically managing a club is important; All the managerial experience Mattingly is only one year as a bench coach, but then again Girardi has only one year managing a club too. Honestly, I think experience is quite overrated when it comes to managers. These guys have been playing baseball and been in the game forever, they won’t suddenly not know how to run the game or deal with players. With Mattingly especially he was almost the on-field manager for years, the leader of the club. I think Mattingly would probably make wiser managerial moves than Girardi overall, and it’s really up in the air as to which influences the best “clubhouse chemistry.” If I had my way, I would take Mattingly – as I said, though there are no standout pros, there are no real cons either. That, combined with the fact that he’s familiar with the organization, and that he is after all Don Mattingly, makes him the most likely candidate.

So, umm… good luck?



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