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Way to know what the hell you’re talking about by red

Just your anti-A-Rod-statement-not-backed-up-by-a-single-fact of the day…

It also may explain why Manny remains nice and relaxed in the postseason unlike, say Alex Rodriguez, who has trouble swinging the bat while also balancing the weight of the world on his shoulders.

It’s been said time and time again, but they just don’t get it:

2007 ALDS Individual Statistics

Alex Rodriguez: 4-15 (.267 AVG), .353 OBP, 1 HR

Derek Jeter: 3-17 (.176), .176 OBP

Hideki Matsui: 2-11 (.182), though he did have a .438 OBP with 5 BB

Really, I’m just sick of the same sort of comments being said time and time again, what don’t they realize about this? I’ve often wondered how these people get these jobs, so many of these writers just write the same stupid arguments every time. They just don’t listen…

Hey, that just means we’ve got more articles to ridicule. Good for site traffic.



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