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The Yankees Hole at 3B by 27yankees

I’m going to start off right now with a little bit of honesty: I despise A-Rod. When he was on the Yankees, I had to root for

Alex Rodriguez

him, because it’s hard not to root for such a great player. Things were looking up, too. There was a time when I honestly thought that I was starting to like A-Rod (right). He was talking about how he was going to stay on the Yankees, and NYC was his home. He hit his 500th homer, and had such a great season, and kept on talking about how he was definitely staying. When the Yankees clinched the playoffs, he said that it felt like he had never been on any other team!

Now the truth comes out. Pay-Rod is, always was, always will be a selfish, money-grubbing player. I hope that he goes into the Hall of Fame not with a team logo on his hat, but with a dollar sign. He disrespected the game of baseball by making a selfish announcement that he was leaving the Yankees during the potential clincher of the World Series. Maybe this is my strange old-school way of thinking, but that disrespects the game.

A-Rod also disrespected the Yankees and his teammates. Robinson Cano mentioned in an interview that A-Rod didn’t even call him to let him know that he was leaving, despite all the talk about how A-Rod was trying to mentor Cano, etc, etc.

That brings me to the Yankees. How can they possibly replace the best player in baseball?

There are a few options:

Wilson Betemit: Though he isn’t by any means a great hitter, he is probably one of the thirty best third basemen in baseball, and thus worthy of a starting job. That said, he is by no means a championship starter. He represents the simplest decision.

Miguel Cabrera: The asking price will be unreasonably huge for this elite slugger, and he’s no great shakes at defense, but he would fit perfectly in the void that A-Rod leaving New York creates.

Adrian Beltre: He is not nearly as good as A-Rod, though he does compare well on defense. The Mariners don’t really have an internal solution to replace him, so this one isn’t that likely.

Eric Chavez: The A’s have found a new potential third baseman in Jack Hannahan and could be looking do ditch Chavy’s salary and rebuild. There are questions about whether he can stay healthy and hit well, since he hasn’t done either recently, but he can definitely play the field.

Mike Lowell: Scoff if you must, but there is certainly a possibility of him becoming a free agent this offseason. That said, he is likely going to resign with the Sox after becoming their playoff hero.

Joe Crede: He isn’t a particularly good hitter, and his back is questionable, but the Sox could be looking to deal Crede.

Troy Glaus: He has struggles staying healthy, his numbers weren’t great last year, his defense isn’t too good, he has a large contract, and he has been involved in drug scandals recently. The Jays probably couldn’t give him away if they wanted too, and the Yankees probably aren’t all that interested. That said, he is a former playoff hero, and career wise, he’s one of the better options – he’s only going to be 31 and has nearly 300 homers… In ten years I wouldn’t be surprised to see him getting 500 homers. In the strange universe that the Yankees reside in, you can’t rule someone like him out.

Garrett Atkins: Another Coors product, and his defense isn’t all that great, but he’s got a decent bat, is consistently healthy, and the Rockies would be dealing from a position where they have another prospect coming up, too.

Robinson Cano: A surprise option? Not really. The idea is that Cano would move to 3B for a year and the Yankees could sign Tad Iguchi or Luis Castillo or someone from the available second basemen, and then over the next year find a new third baseman and eventually move Cano back. I don’t really advocate this move as Cano moved into the elite defenders in the AL statistically, falling in just behind Mark Ellis among second basemen. He certainly has a good bat for a second baseman, but would it be all that great from third base?

Alex Rodriguez: There is always the option that the Yankees go back on their word and try to get A-Rod. I really hope that they stick to their word, and that seems the likely outcome. But you never know what weird happenings happen in Yankees Universe.



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A-Rod annoys me immensely, and I’m starting to despise him as well. But you’ve got to wonder if perhaps Scot Boras was almost more of a persuader to A-Rod than the Yankees and, ultimately, A-Rod himself.

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