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Give me a break! by red
November 10, 2007, 10:28 am
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Joe Torre is trying to turn the Dodgers into the Yankees. According to the NY Times, he’s trying to persuade poor old veteran Bernie Williams to return to baseball, as a Dodger:

Neither Williams nor Torre would dismiss speculation last night that Williams could return to the major leagues in 2008, perhaps as a member of the Dodgers.

“We haven’t talked about it, but I certainly wouldn’t close the door as far as listening to him and taking a look and seeing,” Torre said.

Now don’t get me wrong – Bernie Williams was one of my favorite players ever, like pretty much every Yankee fan. A very classy guy, great hitter, a great Yankee. I’m more annoyed with Torre, and how it seems he’s trying to transfer everybody and everything from the Yanks over to LA with him. The whole point of moving to a new team is that’s it’ a new team. Torre kept talking about his press conference about the fact that he was “unfamiliar” with most of the players he will meet on the Dodgers, which is understandable. But it’s almost like he can’t stand a new team, and so he’s going to try to bring in as many people he knew from his Yankee days to the Dodgers. Numerous sources say he’s also trying to bring A-Rod in. This offseason is going to be crazy, and it’s going to drastically change the faces of many organizations.

Can’t wait!



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