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They got ONE award right… by red

Let’s just say there’s been worse years for the MLB awards. Granted, they got approximately… one or zero of the gold glove awards right, but then they never get those right, and this season has been helped by some clear frontrunners in the races. A-Rod was flat-out historically amazing – I would be surprised if he didn’t get a unanimous MVP – and Holliday was probably the thin front runner, as he deserved to be, and that one game playoff probably sealed it up for him. They’ll probably get the Cy Youngs wrong, or at least the AL, but unless there’s a clear, defenite front runner, they usually get those wrong too. But, give them credit — they were completely right on the Rookie of the Year.

Pedroia was strides ahead of every other rookie in the AL. A .317/.380/.442 line is pretty hard to ignore. Delmon Young was a solid player, but a batting average 30 points lower and only 5 more homers, not to mention a .316 OBP, isn’t going to put him nearly above Pedroia. I really wonder what’s going through the voters minds when they vote for Delmon Young as the ROY, or Derek Jeter as 6th in MVP voting after a 33 win share season. They probably saw his 93 RBIs.

Ah, yes, Ryan Braun. No complaints on this one.

People have argued for Tulowitzki – he put together a great .291/.359/.479 season, has some pop with 24 homers, and was an outstanding field, one who should’ve won the gold glove. Ryan Braun, meanwhile, defended third at legendarily awful proportions and only played in 113 games. (Not that that should matter, it’s a pitiful excuse – is that Ryan Braun’s fault? More to the point, do you really think that with 40 more games he would perform so terribly his overall number would be worse than Tulo’s final numbers?) Still… the guy has a 153 OPS+. End of argument, thank you.

Meanwhile, take a look at this page. NL Rookie voting, a bit surprising. Rob Neyer, Peter Gammons, and Butser Olney all voted for Tulo. Steve Phillips, possibly the most overpaid man in the entire universe and who also has a brain that is disturbingly small for a human voted for Ryan Braun. Kind of annoying. Whatever, screw them. Now, let’s see their choices for AL RoY. No surprise, Pedroia the clear favorite. Then there are the three people trying to be “edgy” and voted for Young. And, who’s this with one vote? It’s–

Jeremy Guthrie. Keith Law, you have been unofficially regarded as one for quite a long time, but now you are officially an idiot.

Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy. Where have I heard that name before?

Update: Later, on ESPN, Law said this:

“Personally, I would have given Jeremy Guthrie some consideration, starting pitcher for the Orioles, but he struggled a little bit down the stretch with some injuries, and I think that knocked him out of the race entirely.”

Well, golly gee gosh, if it knocked him out of the race… why are you saying that’s your first choice?


In other news: Jorgie is supposedly very close to re-signing. Posada’s been with the team so long, he’s a fundamental backbone of the team. Not only is he a great offensive producer and an increasingly good fielding catcher, if he left who else would replace him? No one available would be close to him.

Posada is one of those few players where, by something like a freak of nature, they get better as they age. Not that he’s going to reproduce anything close to last season – which he’s not – he’s been getting increasingly better at all aspects of the game as the years go by.

Here’s a little graph (which I am immensly proud of) of his RC/27 by age:


Rough, I know. But if you take out the two major outliers – when he was 28 (2000) and when he was 33 (2005), he’s overall had his best years over 30, which is rare, especially for a catcher. Resign him.

(I wish I could have done this with win shares for both batting and fielding, but unfortunately the only thorough major source of win share stats goes back to only 2004.)


The Yankees might be in a deal for Freddy Sanchez, something I’m not too keen on. Sanchez is going to hit 10 homers, bat .300 and walk about 30 times. Betemit, meanwhile, despite hiting only .229 last year, hit 14 homers, walked about 40 times in only 250 ABs (for an OBP of .330), and had an OPS+ of 101, only two below Sanchez’s 103. Give him a full year, and I guarantee he will produce better numbers than Sanchez. Marte, meanwhile is serious talent in the bullpen. However, I’ve yet to see what the Yankees might trade him for. Marte would be great, but I wouldn’t be so comfortable in giving up Betemit for him yet, or whoever the Pirates are asking for. Somehow, I doubt they’re really interested in Betemit, and of course there’s the question of who they are interested in. If we don’t give up Betemit but instead maybe some semi-top prospects, I might be good with it, though of course I would have to see what prospects would be given up. As I’ve said about pretty much everything else I’ve ever written on this blog… it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.



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