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Yanks in talks with Marlins for Cabrera by red

The Yankees might be in a deal for Miguel Cabrera, involving either Joba, Hughes, or Ian Kennedy in the deal.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman set out to gauge the market to replace third baseman Alex Rodriguez during this week’s General Managers Meetings in Orlando, Fla., and perhaps the largest development is that the Marlins appear primed to deal the talented 24-year-old Cabrera.

I would quickly send of Kennedy and another prospect (perhaps Melky) for Cabrera, except for the fact that Cabrera will be a free agent after 2009. Is two years worth it? Well, Cabrera is the second best third baseman in the game. No denying that, and that alone is reason enough to trade a #3 starter at most and Melky for him. However, it would be nice to have some sort of way to make sure Cabrera is with the Yanks longer. As I have said before, Wilson Betemit would still contribute above average production, but of course not nearly as much as Cabrera.

Here’s what I say: If we can ship off Kennedy and a prospect or Melky, I’m for it, even if we only get two years out of him. There’s no secret as to why Cabrera is defenitely worth it. However, if we have to give up Joba or Hughes and someone else, I’ll be a little more hesitant. I know that Cabrera is on pace to be one of the greatest hitters of all time, but now that we have all these great prospects, and pitching prospects at that, I don’t want to suddenly see them being traded away like we’ve seen the last half decade or so. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. Cashman usually does the right thing. Usually.


In other news: Gold Gloves have been announced, (AL, NL) and they are a disgrace. The fact that Coco Crisp, Pujols, or Tulowitzki didn’t win one is incredibly stupid. The writer really suck right now when it comes to awards, just like they have been for the last few millenniums.


The Ultimate Demise of the NY Times sport section… by red

The Squirrel…begins with articles like these. I don’t mind it, but I’m sure other people will. It’s actually a pretty cool random article, but then at the same time I’d much rather find this in a blog than in one of the most prestigious newspapers in America.

The squirrel, she said at the time, resembled Ratatosk, a creature in Norse mythology that precipitated the destruction of the world (including the eagle, or the Yankees, who, after all, have made an eagle part of their on-field ceremonies) by the evil dragon (or the Red Sox).

And while she was at it yesterday, she weighed in on the midges, explaining that in Norse mythology, wizards often surrounded people with swarms of insects and fog in scenes not that dissimilar to the disaster that befell Chamberlain. There is a lake in Iceland called Myvatn, or midge lake, she said. Continue reading

¡Thirty Runs! Baseball notes 8/23/07 by red
August 23, 2007, 1:56 pm
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Texas scores thirty runs vs the O’s

The Texas Rangers aren’t a great ballclub: They are average offensively, being 7th in the AL in runs scored. They have really quite awful pitching, being the third worst in the league. That translates to a losing record at 56-70; I was even considering much earlier this year when they had an even worse record writing about how they are the new “worst team” in the American League. So it came as a mild surprise to me when I saw they gave up only three runs to the Orioles.

It also was a surprise that they scored thirty runs.

That’s right: five in the fourth, nine in the sixth, ten in the eighth, and six in the ninth. So all thirty runs came in only 4 out of the nine innings they played. What’s worse, it was a doubleheader. What’s even worse, it wasn’t a day-night doubleheader, it was the ol’ fashioned play a game… then immediately play another game sort of a doubleheader. What’s even worse, is that the Rangers won the second game too. I wonder if the O’s front office is having second thoughts about extending Dave Trembley’s contract… Continue reading

The Yankee bullpen scenario right now by red
August 15, 2007, 2:35 am
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Edwar Ramirez

Well, Joba is taking the league by storm. Ok, maybe not quite to that extent yet, but as of August 13th, he’s pitched 5 innings, given up only one hit, has an ERA of exactly 0.00, and has struck out eight. So quoth a user on a Yankee message board:

“Joba Chamberlain can’t be real, can he? The Yankees can’t have a pitcher this good, can we?”

Well, I would normally say not so fast, just because he’s a young player, he’s got so much time to develop, who knows what could happen between now and whenever, etc., etc., etc. But, I’ve decided to go against it, just because he’s shown so much in the five innings he’s pitched: A fastball reaching 99 mph, a nasty slider which he cam throw in any count, as he did twice last night on full counts, good poise and concentration on the mound… ok, I could go without the shouting and fist pumps, but nowadays only Mariano Rivera shows hardly any emotion, save just raising a fist halfway and shaking hands with Jorge. (Seriously K-Rod, why scream and chew your gum emphatically when you’ve already been eliminated from the playoffs like you did last year?) Besides, he deserves it with the pitching he’s shown. Anyway, the point is: Joba Chamberlain is in for the rest of the ride, and should solidify our bullpen as more than just a “we’ve-got-a-good-closer-but-everyone-else-sorta-sucks”-type-bullpen team. Continue reading

Yankee roster moves and the Joba era by red
August 8, 2007, 3:03 pm
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Wouldn’t you too do this?

Send down a 25 year-old right hander with a 3.40 ERA while keeping a 31 year-old righty with a 4.87 ERA on the staff.

DFA a 38 year-old southpaw with a 2.66 ERA to sign a 34 year-old righty who hasn’t pitched in the majors all season and when did last year had a 12.15 ERA

One move that made sense:

Release a utility infielder from a crowded corner infield and promote a promising young fireballing (possible) reliever.

Kyle Farnsworth, that guy with the ERA just below 5, is still on the damn team. I don’t understand it, and it bugs me to no end. It’s not like Brian Bruney, the one with the 3.40 ERA, is overworked: he has about 2 innings less than Farnsworth. He’s not been subtely ineffective either: his gamelog shows when he’s been in the game and getting at least one out, he’s given up no runs 23 times, one run six times, two runs twice, and three runs twice. Kyle Farnsworth: no runs 17 times, one run ten times, two runs four times, and four runs once. Continue reading