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Manny Ramirez has no verve by red

Apparently, Manny has no verve, no guts, no grittiness, no hutzpa. According to the NY Times’ “Bats” Blog, Ramirez said thusly

“We’re not going to give up,” Ramirez said. “We’re just going to go, play the game and move on. If it doesn’t happen, so who cares? It’s always next year. It’s not like the end of the world.”

(My emphasis.) It’s not too hard to come to the conclusion that Manny does not necessarily put the success of the Red Sox first on his list of priorities (other things low on that list: the all star game and humility), but I think this is just a case of him trying to “relax” the team and keep it loose, and ends up coming out as finely chopped gourmet liver for sportswriters. Or, maybe he truly doesn’t care. Not too hard to imagine. And besides, maybe a fire of passion for winning doesn’t burn in his heart as strongly as some other players, but he still wants to hit the hell out of the ball, as proved by last night’s homer.

Either way, he still has no excuse for his supreme jerkness while hitting that homer, from about : 44 to :51 (or about -:20 to -:14).


In other news: Our friends at noMaas have kindly presented an educational graphic:

I must admit that I’m surprised, happy, and annoyed all at the same time that this isn’t getting as much media attention as I thought it would. Happy, because I’d like people to focus on baseball and not the little stupid stuff in between, but annoyed also because we all know what would happen if A-Rod had done the same play. With Pedroia, it’s “hustle”, with A-Rod it’s bush league. Good definition of life right there.