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The Ultimate Demise of the NY Times sport section… by red

The Squirrel…begins with articles like these. I don’t mind it, but I’m sure other people will. It’s actually a pretty cool random article, but then at the same time I’d much rather find this in a blog than in one of the most prestigious newspapers in America.

The squirrel, she said at the time, resembled Ratatosk, a creature in Norse mythology that precipitated the destruction of the world (including the eagle, or the Yankees, who, after all, have made an eagle part of their on-field ceremonies) by the evil dragon (or the Red Sox).

And while she was at it yesterday, she weighed in on the midges, explaining that in Norse mythology, wizards often surrounded people with swarms of insects and fog in scenes not that dissimilar to the disaster that befell Chamberlain. There is a lake in Iceland called Myvatn, or midge lake, she said. Continue reading


Say it ain’t so, Mo by red

MoI usually don’t go for snappy titles, but I couldn’t help this one. Anyway…

Rivera’s future may be tied to Torre’s

Closer’s decision could hinge on whether manager remains

“I don’t feel good about it,” Rivera said of the possibility that Torre will not return to the Yankees next season. “I don’t see why they’re even thinking it. But I wish he’s back, definitely. If you asked me what I want, I want him back.”

… “I’m going to be open to hear all offers,” Rivera said. “The Yankees had their opportunity, and didn’t do nothing with it.”

Was it really that bad playing for Showalter? Or does he really hate Girardi and Mattingly that much? Sort of weird for him to be saying this kind of stuff, I can’t imagine him in any other uniform but the Yankees. I quickly seeing the next season if Mo, Posada, A-Rod and the like leaving being the end of an era. That phrase has been used a lot, but I think this offseason will be really pivotal.