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La Russa stays with Cards; Yankee fans rejoice everywhere by red


ST. LOUIS — Tony La Russa agreed to a two-year contract with the Cardinals on Monday and will return as the team’s manager for a 13th season. The deal was announced by the club and La Russa during a press conference at Busch Stadium.

Thank god that’s over with. La Russa is not only a lackluster strategic manager, I can defenitely see some personality conflicts with some of the guys in the Yankee clubhouse. Now it’s probably narrowed down to Mattingly, Girardi, and Valentine. For me, all three of them would do, though I think I’d prefer Mattingly and Valentine a bit more than Girardi. Girardi just seems to manage young and/or bullpen arms the way Joe Torre did a bit too much. Still, anything for a breath of fresh air.

And yet, like all victories, this one comes with a hint of sadness – my condolences to Cardinals fans. I often wonder if La Russa was drunk during some of the games too. You know it’s bad when you’ve got So Taguchi batting cleanup. (Though incidentally having the pitcher batting 8th was actually a good idea, but not for the reasons La Russa thinks. It was a bad idea because the reason he batted the pitchers eighth was actually sort of dumb and didn’t make sense, but it technically is a good idea, because it worked for an entirely separate reason than the one he thought. If that makes any sense.)

And day now / Any day now / A press statement announcing the new manager for the Yankees shall be released…


In other news: World Series, Sox vs. Rox.

God, I hate the Red Sox. Sorry, I just do. Actually, I take that back, I’m not apologizing: I just do, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Hey, that’s what a good rivalry does to you. 🙂



There goes another season by red

Quick depressing recap:

1st game: A downer, but I almost asked for it, since I knew that every time the yanks had advanced past the ALDS, they had lost the first game. (Not too smart, I know, but I’m just like that in the postseason. Just like I refuse to read any predictions or give predictions myself, not even only for the yankees, or even read about the series period, save the game recaps or an injury update and the like.) So disappointing, but by my reasonings, not life threatening.

2nd game: The worst game of the year, far worst than game 4, since it put us into a near unsurmountable hole, and the way Cleveland won it, tied in the 8th by a cheap wild pitch, and then bases loaded single where they all start leaping in the air and dancing like they already won the world series… the most “emotionally draining” game, defenitely. Plus the whole news about Joe Torre. And just when we thought Steinbrenner wasn’t his old self anymore. I really hate him, by the way. Love the yankees, the players, staff, fans… I hate Steinbrenner, a colossal jerk. Anyway, I felt strangely confident for the yankees leading up to the next game, I knew the yankees wouldn’t just go quietly like that.

3rd Game: There’s a big sigh of relief. I knew Roger wouldn’t stand long, and I wasn’t surprised that Phil Hughes pitched brilliantly, he had actually been the best starter among the Yankees for the last few weeks. Should’ve started game 1. Robbie and Damon helped too.

4th Game: Couldn’t watch by the fourth inning. Just the last two years all over again. For that matter, the last seven years. Just Damn it.

I’m sure so many people feel this way about themselves, but I can’t help but think I’ve jinxed the yankees. I was only a casual fan until the 2004 postseason, when I was still in middle school. For whatever reason, I just started watching the games and got hooked. Game 4 of the ALCS specifically. It’s just one of those weird things where that just happened to be the time I picked up the remote and said, “oh yeah, baseball’s pretty cool.” The thing was, they lost, I don’t have to tell you that. Disappointing. Anyway, I got really into following the games, reading about them, reading the statistics, the whole thing, so it was again disappointing in 2005. 2006, even more disappointing. 2007, again not even getting past the first round – ever since I started watching yankee games avidly they haven’t won a postseason series. What’s there to say? It gets on your nerves.

Another side note. People, like cubs fans, always seem to say, “You yankee fans have it easy, 26 championships, we haven’t had one for 99 years.” Yes, it is true that Cubs fans have it bad. But when… oh, I don’t know, Royals fans say the same thing, they don’t understand. It is so much easier for a team you know is bad lose than rooting for a team this close to winning it all for 7 straight seasons, but never getting it. Just like how a blowout loss is usually easier to take than when the opposing team scores 6 in the ninth to win. Braves fans probably feel the same way.