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Crede not a fit for the Yanks in ’08 by red

I’ve heard from numerous sources of a rumor for a deal of Joe Crede for possibly someone like Johnny Damon or Damon for Figgins. Both these deals don’t make much sense.

It seems likely that Crede will get dealed in the offseason with the White Sox probably trying making room for Josh Fields. However, Damon for Crede doesn’t make much sense. I wouldn’t mind dumping Damon for a pitcher or, even, a third baseman in some cases, but not for Crede. Wilson Betemit: a) Will produce just as good, if not better numbers, than Crede, b) Crede’s on the decline, Betemit’s younger and has more upside, and c) not only is Betemit an all-around better player but we don’t have to give up anybody to get him. I’d like to see what Betemit can do, and especially seeing that this next season might be a rebuilding stage.

I’ve also heard a supposed Figgins for Damon deal, which I think is just some random rumor floating on the internet for no reason. Why would the Angels want to trade Chone Figgins, a rising, extremely talented, “impact” player who fits in with the “Angels offense” (according to Mike Sciocia, anyhow), for a declining, aging, slower, more expensive outfielder who’s never expressed any desire to play with the Angels?


Also, the Yanks have exercised their 16 million 2008 option on Bobby Abreu. This was a no-brainer. Despite having a less productive year than normal from him last year, he’s still a far above average player, is bound to bounce back anyway (after his dismal first half, he hit .306 in he second half), he takes his walks, and he’s the kind of player that fits into the Yankee offense perfectly. All this talk about how the Yankees are loaded up too much on left-handers is crap. Which would you rather take, a well above average lefty hitter or an average righty just for the sake of having a “balanced” lineup?


In other news: The minor leagues do everything.